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Hot Take: Amazon Got it Right

The reason we give Jeff Bezos half our life savings is because he makes it too damn easy. If there’s one silver lining behind the shameful, hourly encounters with the delivery man, it’s a valuable lesson learned: make it easy to complete your habits.
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Humans are designed to do what’s easiest. That means, the more friction there is to complete a behaviour, the less likely we are to do it.

There’s a reason why Amazon has a ‘buy with one click’ option. Purchasing couldn’t be easier if we tried. It eliminates any of the friction that otherwise would deter you from buying the product.

A study by Dstilliery found that it’s more likely that you will work out if you live closer to your gym. This makes sense now – the farther the gym, the harder you are making yourself work to exercise.

BJ Fogg, author of Tiny Habits, has a way of assessing whether or not you’re making your habits easy to accomplish. The Ability Chain:

The Ability Chain Diagram

Insight from ‘Tiny Habits’ by BJ Fogg and Civilized.

The next section will show you exactly what he means.


Here is how you can get started today:

1. Ask yourself which habit you are having trouble sticking to.

2. Go through The Ability Chain with this habit in mind.

Do you have time for the behaviour?

Do you have enough money for the behaviour?

Can you physically do it?

Does it require too much mental energy?

Does it fit into your current routine?

If the answer is no to any of the questions, the habit isn’t easy enough.

3. Modify the habit accordingly to make sure that you can answer yes to all of these questions.


“Don’t focus your motivation on doing Behavior X. Instead, focus on making Behavior X easier to do.”

– BJ Fogg


Learn how to apply this advice to your career by listening to ‘How to Identify and Eliminate Friction with Roger Dooley’ on the How to Be Awesome at Your Job Podcast.

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