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Slow and Steady Wins the Race

We’re all familiar with the tortoise and the hare tale. You know, the one where the hare loses the race to the tortoise because he gets too cocky and chills out. Meanwhile, the tortoise keeps a slow and steady pace ’till the finish line. You know where this is going.

Patience you must have, my young Padawan

We can’t stress this enough. There is overwhelming evidence that small, incremental change is the best way for a habit to stick in the long run.

We know it’s hard. When the motivational spurs hit, all we want to do is go full force. We start doing hour-long HIIT workouts every day, thinking that it’s the quickest way to get in shape. I can keep this up, we tell ourselves. It usually goes a little like this.

Day 1: Crushed it.

Day 2: Can’t wait to be ripped.

Day 3: Exhausted but it’s only day 3, let’s go!

Day 4: Drags self to mat.

Day 5: Only 85 more days of P90X!

Day 6: Motivation as dry as the Sahara.

Day 7: Back to eating Cheetos on the couch.

Stayin’ Alive

The moment the motivational spur runs out, the habit is dead. Instead of relying on motivation to go full force for a short period of time, start small and slow. Keep the habit alive. The hardest part of creating a habit is implementing it into your daily life. So, make it as easy as possible to stay consistent. Only once you’ve maintained the consistency, should you increase the duration and/or intensity.

Take meditation…Even ten minutes a day can seem daunting. Start with two minutes. Keeping a 2-minute meditation habit alive is better than a 10-minute-5-day-streak-then-never-to-be-touched-again meditation habit. Once you’ve successfully implemented this into your daily routine, you can then increase your time training your brain.

Or, healthy eatingDon’t go from cheeseburgers and chips to kale and cucumbers. Start by cutting out one unhealthy junk food. Once you feel confident with this transition, move to the next step.

Start slow. Very slow. Once you see the huge rewards they return, these small changes won’t seem so insignificant.

Stayin' Alive


The 2-Minute Rule

When starting a new habit, you should not do it for longer than two minutes.

1. Pick a habit.

2. Do it for two minutes every day.

Once it’s well-established into your daily routine, increase the duration gradually.



It’s hard not to keep quoting James Clear:

Slow and steady often wins because it keeps you motivated. Take on manageable challenges and you’ll get frequent signals of progress. Bite off more than you can chew and progress stalls. When you make progress, you want to keep going. When you break progress, you want to stop.



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