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Oh my god. You know that annoying three minutes when you have to stare at your french press, waiting for the coffee to seep into the hot water before you can press it down?? No? Just us? Ok.

Even if you don’t suffer from the annoyed-french-press-wait-time-syndrome, we bet you have other pockets of idle time throughout your day to cultivate some new habits.

French press hourglass

Size Doesn’t Matter

There are many instances in our days that basically go to waste. Thirty seconds here and there may not seem like a lot, but tiny changes do lead to significant results (do we sound like a broken record yet?). Tiny now = huge later. Once you become aware of those idle parts of your day, you’ll finally have the time for that 100-squat-a-day challenge.

Irritants? More like #Opportunities!

There are moments every day that have the opportunity to annoy us: long lines, waiting for the microwave, being on hold with the IT guy. But, what’s the point of being aggravated over little inconveniences in your life that we can’t even control? We can’t control how long it takes for the coffee to brew, okay? (Sorry, very passionate about this one.) As BJ Fogg, founder of the Stanford Behaviour Design Lab, so eloquently put, “we have a choice. we can use these moments to be annoyed or distracted, or we can use these waiting periods as anchors for new habits.” So, turn these irritants into your cues for new habits.

Waiting in line

Some idle time ideas:

Waiting for your coffee to brew → 20 jumping jacks

Waiting in line → get on Duolingo

Waiting for your zoom call to start → pick up your book

Waiting for the shower to warm up → say 5 things you’re grateful for (sounds cheesy but more on this later).

Any other idle time suggestions? Send them here to share with our readers.


Determine never to be idle. No person will have occasion to complain of the want of time who never loses any. It is wonderful how much can be done if we are always doing.

– Thomas Jefferson


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