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I bet we can all relate to this one.


We are all humans. Humans make mistakes. Through hours of extensive and rigorous analysis, we’ve deduced that, in fact, we all make mistakes.

…Even McDreamy.

A Downward Spiral

The first mistake isn’t the one that reverses all of your results. Having one ‘cheat’ meal won’t stop you from fitting into your jeans. We promise bro, you haven’t lost all your gainz by choosing Netflix over the bicep sesh yesterday. And we bet you haven’t lost your zen-ness because your dog-walking priorities interrupted your meditation session this morning. These are all one-time events, and they don’t have to be catalysts for a further downward spiral.

It goes downhill once you let one mistake change your habitsonce you let one mistake become two, then three, then four… When overindulging becomes a daily habit, or skipping a workout becomes the norm—that’s when the problem begins.

Just because you treated yourself to pancakes for brunch, doesn’t mean you need to have a Big Mac and fries for dinner. There’s no need for the ‘I’ll just start again tomorrow, today is ruined anyway’ mentality. Imagine how many days would be put to waste if we let one mistake stop us from making the right choices for the rest of the day.

So what do we do when we have a slip-up? Simple. Just get back on track, back to normal. There’s no need to over-compensate by running 20km to make up for the extra brownie. Just get back to what you normally do.

Upside down ice cream cone

How to Not Make the Mistake 101

Good newswe may be able to avoid these mistakes altogether. (If your ‘slip-up’ involves the new McRib, then please just go for it.) We, at THS, like to combine the ‘never miss two days’ rule and the ‘2-minute rule’. The first one is pretty self-explanatory: never go two days without doing ‘the habit’. “But THS, if it were that easy, why would I need you?” Good question. This ‘never miss two days’ rule would be nearly impossible if it wasn’t for its partner in crime, ‘the 2-minute rule’. When life gets in the way, or your hangover’s as painful as the Schitt’s Creek finale, just do the habit for 2 minutes. Keep it alive! A 2-minute workout or a 2-minute meditation session is a much easier hurdle to overcome if you just ain’t up for it today. This way, you’ll never miss two days, you’ll never make the mistake, and you won’t fall into a downward spiral. See, it came full circle.

Be Kind to Yourself

If you still slip up, it’s ok. Life is to be enjoyed and habits shouldn’t be something to stress about. If you decided to eat ice cream straight from the tub tonight, then enjoy it! And then, get back to your regularly scheduled programming.

Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days

This time of the year is usually when most of us go a bit off track. Before the holiday dinners begin (with your bubble, duh), make a mental note of the fact that there will be temptations and you will have a few days where your routine and habits aren’t perfect. That’s totally fine. It doesn’t mean you need to spend $150 on a 3-day juice cleanse. Just get back to your regular day-to-day routine.


Errors are part of the process, but they shouldn’t become part of the pattern.

– James Clear


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