Your Not-So-New-Year’s-Resolution Guide

 The Digital Detoxer

    By The Habit Society

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eliminate the cue

Can't control the urge?

The obvious cues: You must eliminate the cues that would lead you to check your phone. A major cue, like simply having it in sight, makes it difficult to ignore. Other possible cues: push notifications, sounds, ringtones, beeps, buzzes, chirps, tweets, dings, clacks… you get it.

The subtle cues: Notice when you are a slave to your phone. Is it when you’re struggling to get through a long report? When you get into bed? Or, when you get home from a long day? If you indulge in a morning scroll session, plug your phone in out of reach, so that once you're up, there's no turning back. Simple hacks can make for monumental changes.

other tricks

Try these

1. Put your time-wasting apps in a folder called 'Bad For You'.
2. Make your phone screen boring by making it black and white.
3. Use Screen Time Reminders.

use screen time as a reward

An incentive

Use screen time only as a reward for completing a task. “After completing X, I will allot 10 minutes to using my phone.” This will give you a strong incentive to get sh*t done without being distracted.

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