Your Not-So-New-Year’s-Resolution Guide

 The Meditation Master

    By The Habit Society

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Set a cue

just Keeps slipping your mind?

Set up a cue: A cue is the trigger for your brain to initiate a behaviour. For example, a sticky note on your door reminding you to meditate is the perfect cue (just like your yoga mat on the floor will remind you to workout). Make sure to put your cue in plain sight.

Set the tone: Choose a nicely lit room, pick a comfortable meditation chair, and light a candle, perhaps. You'll associate this pleasant environment with your meditation habit. Who knows, maybe you'll even be eager to meditate.

The two-minute rule

Is 10 minutes too daunting?

We know, ten minutes can feel like an eternity when you first start out. Instead, start with two minutes. Keeping a 2-minute meditation habit alive is better than a 5-day-streak-then-never-to-be-done-again meditation habit. Once you’ve successfully implemented this into your daily routine, you can then increase your time training your mind.

get it done in the morning

Our case for morning meditations

The looming: How much of your day is spent thinking about all the things you have to do when you get home? You better do that workout later. You need to read that book you said you'd finish a month ago. I thought you said you'd start meditating on Monday?! If you get your habits over with in the morning, all that looming goes away. Poof.

Wise words: "If I did it in the morning before the rest of my life and work got in the way, I could guarantee that it happened every single day." - Hal Elrod. Once your boss Slacks you, once you accidentally stumble onto the couch, once life just gets in the way, your day is no longer yours. But, at least you got your meditation done.

Our recommendations

daily meditation at your fingertips

We highly recommend using the app Waking Up, Calm, Headspace, or Ten Percent Happier. Each one is linked in our newsletter.

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