The Habit Society relies on referrals for growth. Each subscriber gained from referrals is much more valuable than a subscriber attained through advertising because your friend is the one recommending us. People trust a recommendation from their friends and family more than they would an Instagram or Facebook ad. We wanted to incentivize THS readers to refer it to their friends in the easiest way possible. Thanks to CloudSponge, we have been able to do this. 
What is it? CloudSponge is a contact picker that allows users to share website or products with their contacts, making referring friends to your site absurdly easy. 
At the bottom of every newsletter, readers can find their unique referral link to share with people who may also enjoy The Habit Society. CloudSponge facilitates the sharing process by instantly integrating dozens of address books so that readers can easily send their unique referral link to hundreds of people from their contact list at once. Referrers can customize their messages to their friends, for an even more personable recommendation. 
Nobody likes manually adding contact e-mail addresses one by one. In fact, most people probably wouldn’t do it all together. CloudSponge has completely eliminated the friction for The Habit Society readers to refer it to people they care about. 
Because everybody hates manually adding their contacts.
We don’t come from tech backgrounds, so this process originally seemed very daunting. The CloudSponge team has been so helpful that the integration process was a breeze. We were given constant support and direct access to people on the CloudSponge team. The support lingered beyond the integration process. Every issue was resolved within minutes or hours. Another testament to the superb support: the team continually gave us tips and insight from things they’ve learned in the industry, completely unrelated to CloudSponge’s functionality. 
Since we were also using another third party to collect leads, Kickoff Labs (a platform to quickly and easily set up referral programs), the CloudSponge team built a customized UI specifically for us, with detailed and easy-to-follow supporting documentation. They dedicated substantial time and effort into us, and although the integration process is over, the team still schedules periodic meetings for growth updates. We’re continually impressed with their product and their support for their clients.
The co-founders of The Habit Society