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Shelf Life

If I’m not naive, I think that everyone here understands why reading is a habit that we should all cultivate. So, instead of lecturing you about the why, I’ll skip to the more exciting part: how to read more, read better and read to remember.


Read More

In today’s fast-paced, digitally-fueled age, I don’t think anyone is satisfied with the amount they read. I currently have 12 books in the line-up (and trust me, I’ve already come a long way). I blame it on my flawed system of buying books much quicker than they’re consumed, thinking that my bookshelf works like the human digestive system—the more that’s put in, the more that comes out. So, how did I learn to better digest my bookshelf?

Let’s do the math—where does a simple and short reading habit get us? There is an average of 300 pages per book. The average person reads a page in under a minute, which equates to a maximum of 300 minutes a book, or 5 hours. If you chalked in 10 minutes 6x/week (let’s be realistic) that comes out to over 10 books a year! And that’s the minimum.

Keep in mind that the more you read, the faster you become. So, instead of Googling ways to consume content faster or become a speed reader, just put aside a small amount of time every day, and continue this habit day after day and year after year. Those books will really start to pile up, but this time…in your mind.

Read Better

I don’t particularly condone any reading hacks, but there are ways to read more intelligently and more efficiently. To be blunt, drop the ego. So often I find myself in the middle of a dry, uninteresting book that I command myself to finish just to feel a sense of accomplishment (and so I can add it to my ‘reading list’). But what’s the point? If I’m merely scanning the words on the page instead of reading them, then it’s inevitably going to be a waste of time. I won’t remember any of it because I never registered it in the first place.

My advice: Make a rule for yourself to read a pre-determined amount of pages, and when you get to that point, decide if you should continue or abandon (so long as you give it a chance).

Drop the ego, and then the book.

Read to Remember
Dog eating book

This is a trick header. You don’t need to remember everything you read. In fact, that’s practically impossible. The human memory works best with associations. Mark Manson, author of The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*** put it best: “Most of your memories are dormant. You can’t actively access them whenever you want to. Instead, they must be unearthed by relevant events in the present.”

Think of it this way, would you be able to recite every conversation you’ve ever had? Of course not, but do you ever find yourself in situations remembering past conversations because something reminded you of it? That’s how our memories work. You need an associative experience to remember past ones. The same goes for books—you won’t be able to recite every subject of every book you’ve read, so it would be useless to try to remember everything as you’re reading. But, you will actually be able to recall more than you think when the same subjects come up.

Also, no one’s quizzing you on any books you read so you can always just go pick it up when you want to remember something specific.

To sum up: To read more, set aside small amounts of time per day. That’s all it takes to be quote-unquote well-read. To read better, be selective. To read to remember…fooled ya.


Good news! The Habit Society is launching a book club. If you want to join, please let us know in this survey. Hope to see you there!

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