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(Don’t) Resist the Temptation

Today, we talk about how to cultivate pleasure in our habits by actually giving into temptation.


For habits to stick, pleasure is needed. There’s only so long we can force ourselves to run on the tread if we’re dragging our feet through it. Without any type of enjoyment throughout our “journey to health”, life would just consist of repetitive, unpleasurable chores filled with dread. We’ve got to insert some fun for it to last. But…we also can’t expect running to magically be as pleasurable as a girl’s trip to Ibiza. So, how do we make ourselves enjoy it enough to keep doing it habitually?


Katy Milkman, author of How To Change, explains that your desired habits need to be enjoyable while you do them. For most people, the gratification of getting closer to our goals isn’t good enough. So, if you’re not enjoying the task on its own enough, temptation bundling will become your best friend.

Temptation Bundling: Pairing something you enjoy with something you don’t enjoy as much.

Something that I don’t particularly enjoy: Running on the treadmill. Something that I do enjoy: Bingeing Grey’s Anatomy. Temptation bundling: Watching Grey’s Anatomy only when I run. The key is to only let yourself indulge in this enjoyable activity when you’re doing the unenjoyable one. This way, you’ll start to crave the habit. You’ll start to crave cardio because it means some quality McDreamy time. Other examples: only listen to your favorite podcast when you fold laundry or do the dishes; only order from your favorite restaurant when you finally decide to clean out your inbox.

Other temptation bundles to share? Let our members know by hitting reply.

Key Takeaway: Choose something you love to do. Choose something you don’t love to do. Bundle them. Now, you’ll start to crave the dreaded activity.


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