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If you haven’t already committed to solid abs this summer, here’s your chance to plank with us every day. We’ve officially hit the 1-minute mark today, so don’t wait any longer. Or else, you may be joining us for a 5-minute plank (you know what we saystart small and slow)

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Fresh Starts

If you’ve been with us from the start, you know most things about habits: the what, the where, the how… but what about the when? When is the best time to start a new habit, or kick an old one out? The New Year’s Resolution trend banks on the fact that the feeling of a new beginning, a fresh start aids in the creation and demolition of good and bad habits, respectively. But, we can’t all wait for January 1st to roll around for a fresh start. Luckily, there are two main ways we can create our own fresh starts: psychological and physical.

Fresh Starts

New Year’s, the first of the month or the week, the new school year, after a birthday, after a holiday, the start of spring… These are all times we can take advantage of, and people do. Katy Milkman, author of How To Change, found that people are more likely to go to the gym and search “diet” on google during these times. Even if they’re arbitrary, new beginnings are triggers for new habits. In order to test out this ‘new beginning theory’, Milkman conducted research using two groups of people with birthdays coming up in 3 months. For one group, they asked, “Do you want to start saving for your 401(k) in 3 months?” and for the second they asked, “Do you want to start saving for your 401(k) after your birthday?” The second group said yes more often and saved a lot more money.

This fresh start gives us a spurt of motivation that, while it doesn’t last, can give you what you need to finally make that first step (which we know can be the hardest). You feel like a new person. Somehow, you’re not that person you were prior to your 30th birthday or even prior to last Monday. That was the old you. It’s Monday and it’s time for the new me (barf).

Moving Boxes

This one is less obvious but can be quite profound. A new physical environment can help you start fresh too. Moving to a new community, a new apartment, starting a new job. It’s your blank slate. You can get rid of past habits that were embedded in past environments and you have the opportunity to cultivate new ones.

Milkman explains that we tend to think about our lives as novels with subsequent chapters. Chapters include the university years, the waitressing years… When we begin a new chapter, we tend to look at the bigger picture of our lives and feel more empowered to make a change.

Key Takeaway: Find your fresh start. Do you have any upcoming physical changes that you can take advantage of? If not, use a psychological one. Maybe it’s July 1st, maybe it’s your birthday. Or maybe… it’s right after you finish reading this 😉


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