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To-Do Lists

In today’s scoop:

  • The productivity problem
  • The to-do list troubles
  • The mindset modification 
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The Productivity Problem

Have you ever considered an open relationship with your significant other? And by significant other, I mean your to-do list.

I would assume that most of you reading this cherish your daily, long listicle of what you ought to do that day in order to avoid feeling utterly disappointed with yourself. I definitely do. And rightly, so. Without this list of very meaningful and urgent tasks to complete, how on earth would I measure my productivitythe most indicative measure of a good life?

The macroeconomic definition of productivity = total output per hour of work. For example, a breakfast line cook can measure their productivity by calculating the total amount of fried eggs made per hour. But, this measure is somewhat outdated considering most modern jobs don’t have such a straightforward output. How would you measure the output of a comedian? By the number of individual chuckles they receive in a given night? 

Measuring productivity has been especially difficult now that many of us are working from home and the line between work and home life has been blurred. Should work and home tasks be weighted equally? I.e. Is sending an e-mail more important than folding laundry? Both need to be done in order to avoid a chaotic life, so which one should we prioritize?

To-Do List

The To-Do List Troubles

Here is something we all need to face: to-do lists can just be another form of procrastination. Most tasks written down probably don’t need to be there. Do I need to write “put in calendar to pay rent”, when I should really just take that time to put it in my calendar immediately? Or better yet, should I just pay rent right then and there? 


The Mindset Modification

I am not saying to chuck the to-do lists altogether. But, I think we should change our perspective on them in relation to our output. To go even further, maybe we should change our relationship with productivity altogether. We are more than the tasks we check off each day. Jefffrey Sanchez-Burks, social psychologist at the University of Michigan said: “What matters? Is it career? Flexible time? Time with family? There’s a lot of discussion going on, ‘What makes for a good life?’ and that, I don’t think, has landed on being productive.”

I’ll leave it at that. 


Honey for your Health 

This week, we wanted to share with you how a sticky mess in BC back country sparked a new health and wellness product made with 100% Canadian Honey! 

Everyone loves a good origin story. 

After a Jar of Honey shattered in Johns backpack in BC’s bear country, he had an idea and got to work! Many years later, he launched Honibe Honey Drops, The world’s first Solid Honey product, and landed John, Susan, and Honibe on the top 100 Canadian Innovations of all time!

Discovering the power of honey as a source of energy, and a natural sugar substitute that is low on the glycemic scale (remember, you can’t get rid of a bad habit, you can only replace it), Honibe wanted to combine this with other health-boosting ingredients. So John and the Honibe Scientists went back to the lab…Honibe now offers Vitamin and supplement gummies such as immune boosters, Omega-3 Gummies, Melatonin gummies, and more! All with Canadian Honey as their #1 Ingredient!

Read more about the Honibe story and see their list of gummy and lozenge products. 

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