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Not only will this help you improve focus, motivation and memory consolidation, it will also help you avoid insanity… Well, what is it?

⚡️Schedule energy, not time

It turns out, our biological rhythm wants us to take an afternoon break during what the 9-5 life deems vital hours of the day.


Since Joe Rogan has pretty successful Sober October challenges, we thought we’d give these ‘challenge’ things a try.

⚡️Plato’s Take On Habit formation

Human beings will inevitably be pulled in different directions. We can usually choose to be our rational selves, but sometimes, a little more often than we’d like…the wild horse wins.

⚡️Morning madness

“What if I woke up an hour earlier tomorrow and I dedicated 10 minutes to each of the six most timeless, proven personal development practices in the history of humanity?”

⚡️I’ll never let go Jack

One of the struggles of life is the tension between what we know we should be doing and what we actually want to do.

⚡️Time Confetti

This is the phenomenon of fragmenting leisure time into small, unenjoyable moments, thanks to unproductive multitasking. And just like confetti, collectively, it makes a huge mess.

⚡️Today’s a little different

Reality is subjective, it’s based on how we experience it. So, by cultivating a positive mindset and believing that we can change our circumstances, we can create a better reality.

⚡️Tetris Dreamin’

The Negative Tetris Effect: being stuck in a cognitive pattern where we selectively perceive the negative. How do I get out?

⚡️Success first, happiness second?

Some thoughts we’re all guilty of: When I get my next raise, then I’ll be happy; Once I can finally buy that house, then I’ll be happy; Once I’m able to run 10k, then I’ll be happy.