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⚡️Mom, I’m borrred

How unsettling would it be to know that perhaps the only thing stopping you from achieving results is just…boredom?

⚡️Give yourself a pat

Self-compassion is simply the act of treating yourself the same way you would treat a friend after they’ve behaved “inadequately”—of course, emphasis on the quotation marks.

⚡️Feels so good to be bad

The feeling of always needing to be ‘good’ can be the thing that stops you from ever getting to that point. That’s a head-scratcher.

⚡️Hey, big spender

Seemingly small transactions can be the difference between you & financial freedom. “The earlier you start making changes, the more The Compound Effect works in your favour.”

⚡️Our illusions

Why our New Year’s Resolutions don’t make it past the opening credits.

⚡️Fight the urge

Our to-do lists make it look like we’ve accomplished something, but when you take a closer look, all that’s crossed off is ‘wish Jane a happy birthday’, and ‘take chicken out of freezer’…

⚡️Hannah Montana

It goes downhill once you let one mistake change your habits—once you let one mistake become two, then three, then four…

⚡️(I can’t get no) satisfaction

Goal-setting is a never-ending cycle of satisfaction-seeking. How much better would life be if we could just be happy and satisfied day-to-day?

⚡️Your environment

This is probably the only time we’re going to say that you shouldn’t take responsibility for your own actions. So, take advantage of this free pass.