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⚡️Your environment

This is probably the only time we’re going to say that you shouldn’t take responsibility for your own actions. So, take advantage of this free pass.

⚡️A Little TMI

Writing down when and where you will perform a habit has been scientifically proven to triple your odds of actually doing it.

⚡️The Habit Loop

Simply being aware of this process allows you to bring consciousness to your decision-making to help you hack your environment and set yourself up for success.

⚡️The Almighty

What if we realized that getting out of bed early was just 10 seconds of annoyance, followed by an extremely happy and productive morning? Well, good news.

⚡️Our Girl Goldilocks

The Goldilocks Rule: We experience optimal motivation when tasks are just the right amount of difficulty based on our current abilities. Not too easy. Not too hard. Just right.

⚡️Why Habits

Picture this. It’s 2021. Dust is accumulating on the treadmill, kraft dinner is still your go-to, and that book on your nightstand might as well be décor. Don’t panic – it’s not too late.

⚡️Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah, Stayin’ Alive

We can’t stress this enough. There is overwhelming evidence that small, incremental change is the best way for a habit to stick in the long run.

⚡️Cue dramatic entrance

“The human is probably the only species that deliberately deprives itself of sleep.” Let that sink in. Better yet – sleep on it.

⚡️Trick without the treat

People who are “healthy” would usually say no to a brownie. If you want to be a healthy person, you need to identify as a healthy eater. Once you identify as such, your actions will be shaped by your identity.