If Not Now, When?

One-on-One Habit & Health coaching

...that works with your schedule. Weekly personal video calls to help you stick to your habits. We'll monitor your progress, work through obstacles and efficiently get you to where you want to be.

* Video calls hosted on Zoom

Why an accountability coach?

We have therapists to help us stay clear, tutors to help us get good grades, and personal trainers to help us stay fit. Why don’t more of us have accountability coaches to help us stay on track.

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of people can't stick to their habits consistently
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more likely to stick to your habits when you have an accountability partner
of people don't have an accountability partner

We Check in on you

We’re your accountability friend, without the flakiness.

Book A free consultation

Book a call and let us know what habits you want to stick to, what your schedule is like, and discuss an action plan.

Weekly Follow-up call

We're holding you accountable every week! Tell us about your week, what you need to improve on & how we can iterate it.

Stay on track, add as needed

As we monitor your progress together, we'll guide you to the next steps to really solidify your habit foundations.


Our 2 month program includes four 45-minute sessions over the 2 month period, at 69.99 CAD per session. After the 2 months, you can choose to renew the package as needed. 

Alternatively, you can book on a per-session basis at 79.99 CAD/session. 

You can book a free consultation to learn more about what we offer and get you started.

*If a free consultation is cancelled/rescheduled less than 24 hours before, you will be contacted for payment prior to your re-booking.

2 Month Program

$ 69.99 CAD /session
  • 1-1 Video Call
  • 4 sessions, 2 per month
  • Personalized habit plan + access to accountability Slack group

Per-Session Basis

$ 79.99 CAD /session
  • 1-1 Video Call
  • Book one session at a time
  • Personalized habit plan + access to accountability Slack group

Have Questions? Look Here.

The standard program is 4 sessions of 45 minutes over a 2 month period, with the option to extend as needed.

Alternatively, you can book on a per-session basis (i.e. booking 1 session at a time, at your preferred frequency).

One of your founders, Ashley!

Ashley is a IIN Holistic Nutritionist & Health Coach with a keen interest in digestive issues affecting weight, energy and overall well-being.

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