Your Not-So-New-Year's-Resolution Guide

An alternative to the conventional New Year's motivation

By The Habit Society
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What's wrong with the old way?

New year, new me? Not exactly. This is your guide on how to actually stick to new habits and make real changes in 2021. If the number on the calendar magically gave us new capabilities, we’d all be fitness fanatics or meditation masters by now. Unfortunately, the NYC ball drop just isn’t that powerful. How many times will we rely on the January-1st-motivation to keep us on track for an entire year? Good news. We’ve recapped everything since the start of The Habit Society to give you the right approach to habit formation for whatever you want to accomplish next year. 

Here’s a pretty incredible stat that sums it all up: Out of everyone who joins a gym in January, 4% quit before the end of month, 14% quit in February and 80% quit within 5 months. We promise we can give you better odds than that. We’ve outlined the most common habits that people try to pick up in the new year. Check them out below and click for more info!

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